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The Administrative Committee is in the process of conducting our annual employee reviews.



Presbyterian Women are currently studying the Ten Commandments.  The lessons are lead by Barbara Bailey, our pastor's spouse.

The Men’s Bible Class is studying the books of John and Ephesians, taught by Tommy Bailey.      


The Young People’s Class just finished Billy Graham and will be studying the book of Ruth, taught by Linda Carr.              


Monday Morning Bible Study is studying the three books of John, taught by Judy Kraft.


​FELLOWSHIP       -- Linda Bedre

  Aside from any memorial service, funeral, etc, that may present itself, with exception to our monthly pot luck luncheons, our next event will be the Eager Eighties/Nifty Nineties luncheon honoring those in our congregation that are in their 80's or 90's.  This will take place on Oct. 20th.

MEMBER CARE       -- Joan Rhone

We serve Communion at the nursing homes the first Tuesday of each month following the first Sunday when we have our church communion service.


If you would like to become involved in this ministry, contact Joan or the church office and leave your name and number.

PROPERTY       -- Barry Bedre

We have seen to the installation of the new heat and air conditioning equipment.  We have had the flooring in the sanctuary replaced.  We are currently investigating the repair and painting of the exterior trim of our buildings.

STEWARDSHIP     -- Barry Bedre

Financial Information for August 2019
 Total income:                      $  15,025.50
 Total Expenses:                  $   21,988.91
 Net August Income             
-$ 6,963.41  
 Jan. - Aug. Net Income       $

WORSHIP            -- Sunny Broyles

The committee recruits the liturgists for Sunday services as well as volunteers to receive the offering and serve the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month.  Recruiting those to light the communion table candles for each service and changing the communion table and pulpit cloths according to the colors of the liturgical calendar.

STOCKPOT        --

No Report Given


Committee Night is the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm, unless otherwise noted by a Committee Chairperson.  For more information, CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE.

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