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Music at FPC

"All the earth worships thee; they sing to thee, sing praises to thy name" Psalm 66:4


Music is a vital part of our ministry, bringing a sense of reverence to our worship services and spiritual nourishment to all who participate. Music has ancient and mystical links to worship and brings a spiritual depth to the moments of joy and sorrow in our lives. 

First Presbyterian therefore offers a broad spectrum of opportunities to enhance worship with music. We invite you to listen or to join us in praising God through a musical medium. For those seeking to perform, the options range from singing well-known hymns of the Presbyterian tradition during the regular worship service to performing as a soloist or performing as an accompanist to our choir. We have also added a hand chimes choir and a hand bells choir to our music ministry.   The "Ringers" are under the direction of Pastor Gaither Bailey.  Our musicians derive a spiritual benefit from the opportunity to use their talents as an offering to God, and they learn more about themselves and about their gifts from association with other musicians.

The organist/pianist at First Presbyterian Church is Music Director Kathleen Brown, who plays for regularly scheduled services.  We encourage participation in worship by developing instrumental musicians and are often treated to performances of sacred works by our talented members.  In addition, from time to time we have different musical arrangements played during our church services.  We have had the pleasure of hearing the guitar, drums, violin, and flute.


We’re always looking for volunteers to participate in our music program in any capacity. Please see Gaither or Kathleen about helping with music.

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